The Changing Seasons at Cromlix

Autumn at Cromlix

Hello again from Cromlix, where the days are most definitely drawing in and the log fires are crackling away, which naturally means we are turning our attentions to all things winter and - no, it’s never too early - Christmas. I have personally always found Scotland a magical place in which to spend the darkest months, and this house in particular has such an incredible warmth and cosiness coursing throughout it that there is no better place to hunker down and hibernate.

We are doing the festive season with serious style this year and I cannot wait to share with you what head gardener Sarah and our wonderful interiors team are planning. The recent refurbishment has provided the perfect excuse to shop for new decorations, and I have delighted in choosing new bits and pieces that I’d love plastered all over my own home but aren’t safe from the team of tiny elves I have charging about. Christmas is arguably all about the build up and a key date for my December diary is always an evening of wreathmaking with my best friends (mulled wine and festive music compulsory). We have just launched our series of workshops with Sarah for December which I promise will be a wonderful way to kick start your celebrations. I am hoping I can find time to sneak up and attend one of them too, so I hope to see you there.

Until then,